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Looking for the best dishwasher?  There are some important points to consider beforehand.

DishwasherMake Sure You Have Enough Room

One of the most important piece of advice before you buy a dishwasher is make sure you carefully measure the space where it will reside and compare it with the full height of the dishwasher.  Also include the additional height from the leveling feet.  Standard width is 24 inches.  Compact ones are 18 inches wide.

Interior Configuration

Note the interior configuration to make sure the design fits your dishes and cookware.  Racks can be adjustable.and moving them up or down can help reconfigure the interior to suit your needs.  Silverware slots keep silverware separated, preventing spooning allowing the water jets to clean between the silverware.

Rinse and Hold

There are some models with a rinse and hold feature to prevent food from drying out on dirty dishes if you need to wait until the dishwasher is full before using the full cycle.


Dishwasher filters are either self-cleaning or manual.  Self-cleaning ones are noisier.  Manual ones require regular cleaning.

Electric Bills

If you opt for drying features above and beyond the basic feature, your dishes may dry faster, but your electric bill will be higher, too.

Touchpad Controls

Hidden touchpad controls look great, but you can’t see where the dishwasher is during the cycle.

Noise Level

Consider your noise tolerance, keeping kids or pets in mind, too.


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