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Too Many Choices

Want to find the best products with exactly the features you want?  Try to make your shopping experience easier.

Sometimes I wonder if technology isn’t making life more difficult.

I mean, it’s supposed to make it easier, right?

Take a simple experience like shopping back when it was an actual physical experience.  Granted, some find it relaxing and enjoyable to unwind and clear the mind or socialize with a friend.  Others find it exhausting and dreaded.

Then along came e-commerce and, once passed the trust issues of online security, you can easily shop at your fingertips, supposedly, and through a variety of electronic means.  Just go to your computer, tablet, or smartphone, go to a search site or directly to your desired shopping website, purchase, and wait for delivery.

Ah, but is that really how it unfolds?

The Typical Experience

Let’s say you’re interested in finding a pair of running shoes.  Where do you start?  What brand or model is best for you, for your running style or type of running?  Where can you buy?

Okay, if unsure, most people start with a search engine.  Type in “running shoe” and you’ll receive a freakin’ lot of results from retail stores to articles to blogs.  Anything that’s most searched with the word “running shoe” in it will pop up.

How about searching on a shopping website then?  Well, at least the results are limited to running shoes, but there are so many brands and models and so many sellers.  Those filters narrow the results down to gender, size, color, maybe brand if you have a preference, etc., but how does this help you find the best functional shoe for running?

It doesn’t, so you still have to do more research which will take you to another browser for more research.  Then you still find that there are still a ton of choices left.

Pretty soon, your eyes are bloodshot, you’re confused and tired from decision fatigue.

When all is said and done and having spent more time than you expected, you wonder if it wouldn’t have been easier to just shop the old fashioned way.  Well, that wasn’t enjoyable nor relaxing, was it?

Information Overload

Whether it’s running shoes, computers, smartphones, TVs, or tires, shopping online for exactly what you need can quickly become a frustrating experience filled with information overload.

Before e-commerce, you shop at stores within a reasonable distance from your home.  You visit the stores that carry the product you’re interested in and your decision is made amongst those choices.

Since the advent of e-commerce, your choices overwhelmingly exploded in front of your eyes.  The whole world is hawking products in front of you, even items not suited for your needs or wants.


Well, uses technology to make your shopping experience easier.  Get exactly what you want based on meaningful, functional attributes in only the best products.  All products have been unbiasedly researched and recommended.  The only choice you need to make is where from the select reputable online retailers do you want to make the purchase.