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Today, technology is finding its way into refrigerators with WiFi connectivity, smartphone apps, touch screens, displays, and music.  It makes you wonder if manufacturers have gone too far.  At the end of the day, do you really need all this fancy technology?  Are you really going to use all this tech?  Do not forget, the more integrated technology, the more complicated the setup, the more problems can occur, and the more complicated and costly the repairs.  Wouldn’t you want a refrigerator that last the longest instead?  What are the most important attributes for the best refrigerator anyway?  Think about this when you are considering your purchase.  What do you really need your refrigerator to do?

RefrigeratorThe following attributes are more important than any technology integrated into your fridge.

The style and dimensions are important to the fit in your kitchen.

The refrigerator and freezer capacities are important as well as the shelf and storage compartment designs.

Having separate compartments for low and high humidity storage is an important feature for storing different types of foods.

The energy saving capability will directly affect your wallet.

Features such as ice, filtrated water, and beverage dispensers have been common features for some time now, but even these you should ask do you really need them because they add to, not only the new cost, but also ongoing maintenance and more electricity costs.

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